RIP Melvin

RIP Melvin

Melvin Vásquez was a loving father, son, husband and friend whose life was taken far too soon by random gang terror in El Salvador. He had just turned 27 on March 3rd. This gentle giant of a young man- who was always there for his loved ones, any time of the day or night - was brutally murdered on Friday night, March 25th. He leaves behind a woman he loved, and a 10 month old daughter, Victoria Valentina, whom he cherished most of all. As he had lost his parents several years prior; those two were his life.

He grew up in gang territory, in the hills above Puerto la Libertad. Rather than follow the path of darkness, he cobbled together an honest living doing construction, painting houses, teaching surf lessons and taking on any and all odd jobs.

He loved the beach and surfing his home break, Playa La Paz (which means “peace beach” in Spanish) as well as the adjacent, world-famous Punta Roca.

He was learning about Bitcoin and wanted to set up a wallet and invest a small amount - tragically, his life was taken before he was able to do this.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to celebrate Melvin's life as well as to raise funds for his young daughter and wife and to prove that love will always inevitably win and that a global community can together build a better future. Thank you all for your prayers and any sats you can spare; may he rest in paradise where his good soul belongs.